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’ve been following the Japanese artist Cecilia Kaoru for nearly a year on LinkedIn and in those years, we have struck up a mutual friendship. Cecilia artwork is more than art in it’s self, it’s somewhat of a philosophy of nature the indifferent subsistence and isolation in regards to each other. The tones and complexities of colours used, is a wash of orient with swills and dabs, it’s musical.
S. Cecilia Kaoru Japanese artist writes in her own words about her art work.


“Arts is the way of Getting Realization who you are, it’s just like some Philosophy what you will able to get and it’s a Freedom more than now. We as humans use our Five senses which refers to the five traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. You can not feel your Emotion and Intellect without Imagination that coming from Experience or Memories.” Cecilia Article blog by Writer Roland 


Art Philosophy by Cecilia K


◆Indian Philosophy was given huge Affection to her Art works consept .

From childhood she was very interest to how to Created This world . Especially The Conscious , Energy and 5 element. and Time: Enernty , like this Universal theme.

• On her latest works : as well as she can ; she is not going to put her thinking or idea to her Works. Because she has thought that ordinary thinking is like this : Our human being are belong to nature . So that when she doing her work , she would like to be with Cosmic balancing harmony energy with her pure Energy . Its mean taht she is try to delete selfish Desire.
This is her art work attitude . she thinks that Art is really need to like Birds singing on her works.



• While she doing Art work , she has feeling that there is with cosmic energy which playing Conscious which original of this world. with magical material 
Color or paper and my Feeling which from center of Universe in her .

• she thinks that would like to Let audience to open some imagination into their mind , and she wanted stay there . As well as she can ,she dosen not want to give any Answer to them . 
The Imagintion is the Most important aspect of power of human.
This is the truth of importance of Art works on her life .